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NHLBI Funding and Research Opportunity Announcements

NHLBI Funding and Research Opportunity Announcements
The following funding opportunity announcements from the NHLBI or other components of the National Institutes of Health, might be of interest:
NIH Guide Notice:
The purpose of this Notice is to inform the scientific community of a change in the budget requirements for RFA-OD-13-009 "Short Courses on Innovative Methodologies in the Behavioral and Social Sciences (R25). There will be no limit on personnel costs.
This Notice provides (1) the list of UDN diseases of interest, associated phenotypes, and gene variants; and (2) contact information for the NIH-UDP Investigators for the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) RFA-RM-13-003.
 Program Announcement (PA):
The purpose of this FOA is to encourage applications to phenotype embryonic lethal knockout (KO) mouse strains being generated through the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC) of which the NIH Knockout Mouse Phenotyping Program (KOMP2) is a member.
Please note that most links to RFAs, PAs, and Guide Notices will take you to the NIH Web site. RFPs will take you to FedBizOpps. Links to RFPs will not work past their proposal receipt date. Archived versions of RFPs posted on FedBizOpps can be found on the FedBizOpps site using the FedBizOpps search function. Under “Document to Search,” select Archived Documents.

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