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Amyloidosis, the Community - RareConnect

Amyloidosis, the Community - RareConnect

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What is Amyloidosis ?

Amyloidosis is a rare systemic disease caused by deposits of amyloid protein fibrils in one or more organs, causing the organs to malfunction. There are three main types: Primary Amyloidosis (AL), Secondary Amyloidosis (AA) and Familial Amyloidosis (FAP), which is the genetic form.
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Localized amyloidosis of ureter

by GayleKing published 10 days ago No commentAfter 5 or 6 CAT scans over 6 months, my oncologist and urologist decided that I had kidney cancer. The decision was to operate without a biopsy. I...
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AL Amyloidosis

by RareConnect team published 17 days ago No commentAs a result, we sought a second opinion from a local gastroenterologist. Fortunately, he ordered blood tests which had not previously been conduct...

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