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Fox News Today: The Coronavirus Crisis - Americans facing unprecedented travel restrictions; 3 of 4 under orders to stay home

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Coronavirus leaves Americans facing unprecedented travel restrictions within US; 3 of 4 under orders to stay at home

Approximately 3 of every 4 Americans are now under orders to stay at home -- or will be soon -- as more states have imposed restrictions in an attempt to slow the spread of coronavirus amid a growing death toll nationwide, according to reports. Americans are also facing nearly unprecedented travel restrictions within the U.S.

Rep. Thomas Massie, the Republican Kentucky congressman who nearly derailed the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill last week, is defending his actions, telling Fox News, “I was just standing up for the Constitution." Massie's comments came as President Trump on Tuesday called for a $2 trillion infrastructure bill to serve as "Phase 4" of the federal government’s coronavirus response efforts.

With nearly 800,000 coronavirus cases worldwide, intelligence agencies in the U.S. reportedly are having difficulties determining the status of outbreaks in countries such as China, Russia and North Korea. This report comes as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, in an interview on "Hannity" Monday, urged every country to be transparent and provide accurate information about their respective battles with coronavirus.

New York’s attorney general is calling for an investigation of Amazon after the online shopping giant fired an employee who staged a walkout over alleged poor working conditions in Staten Island after a co-worker tested positive for coronavirus.

And Ford Motor Company has announced plans to produce roughly 50,000 ventilators at one of its Michigan plants over the next 100 days to help offset any shortages and arm those on the front lines with equipment to fight COVID-19.

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And there were several other developments:

A minor in New York City has suffered a coronavirus-related death, according to data from the city.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and related travel restrictions, several cruise ships carrying thousands of passengers are "stranded" at sea, Cruise Lines International Association says.

Lawyers for a Florida megachurch pastor who was arrested for holding services Sunday in defiance of government orders aimed at curbing coronavirus suggest that his constitutional rights were violated.

Some 15,000 Los Angeles high school students have not participated in any online learning since schools were forced to shut down in wake of coronavirus, new data shows.

Thanks to coronavirus, U.S. equity markets were trending toward their worst three-month stretch in years despite incremental gains on Tuesday, the final trading day of the quarter.


Fox News analyst Cathy Areu is recovering from coronavirus and says she didn't experience any of the top symptoms most commonly described.


Fox News Today: The Coronavirus Crisis is compiled by Fox News' Bryan Robinson and Fox News Digital team.

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