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Forensic genetic genealogy – An emerging game changer for cold cases

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 Fighting Counterfeit with Carbon NanotubesForensic genetic genealogy – An emerging game changer for cold cases

Forensic genetic genealogy is revolutionizing investigations by producing previously unobtainable investigative leads. When traditional methods are inconclusive or all other options are exhausted, genealogy databases offer a new route to identifications.

Watch this recorded webinar to hear real-world insights from forensic analysts and law enforcement experts on the impact of forensic genetic genealogy.

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   What is Forensic Toxicology?What is Forensic Toxicology?
Forensic toxicology is defined as the determination of drug use, poisoning, or exposure to toxic substances as part a legal investigation.
   What is In Silico Toxicology?What is In Silico Toxicology?
In silico toxicology allows researchers to visualize, analyze, simulate and predict potential toxicity of chemicals prior to cell or animal work.
 Uses of Microscopy in Forensics
Uses of Microscopy in ForensicsForensic science is important for helping us make sense of past events, those that have passed without reliable witnesses available to tell us what happened.
 Microbial Succession as a Forensic Tool: Estimating time of death
Microbial Succession as a Forensic Tool: Estimating time of deathThe microbiome can be used to estimate the post-mortem interval of human remains in the case of criminal investigations.
 Study shows the impact of green space on violent crime
Study shows the impact of green space on violent crimeProperly designed and maintained outdoor green space has the potential to reduce violent crime and gun violence, to make communities safer and keep residents healthier, a new study suggests.
 MALDI-TOF in Forensic Science
MALDI-TOF in Forensic ScienceMALDI-TOF is often used in forensic science to identify PMI. This article looks at how it is applied in these cases.
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