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Now Available -- Alcohol Research: Current Reviews

Now Available -- Alcohol Research: Current Reviews

Alcohol Research: Current Reviews

Now Available from NIAAA!

Epigenetics Cover

The Latest Alcohol Research: Current Reviews

Edited by Shivendra D. Shukla, Ph.D., and Samir Zakhari, Ph.D.

The term “epigenetics” is rapidly becoming one of the more important watchwords in the field of alcohol research. Put simply, epigenetics is the study of changes in gene function that occur without a change in the body’s genetic code. Instead epigenetic “markers” turn genes “on” and “off.” By acting on these epigenetic markers, environmental factors such as diet, stress, and prenatal nutrition can make an imprint on the genes that are active in different tissues and at various stages of life. Even more importantly, these alterations may be passed along from one generation to the next. The result is that the influences from harmful environmental factors can be extended beyond the individual and passed to his or her offspring. This issue of Alcohol Research: Current Reviews explores the concept of epigenetics and how it may influence the body’s response to alcohol and the development of alcohol use disorders and various disease states.

Table of Contents

Each article is available online in full text. Files also are available for downloading to your favorite e-reader.
Samir Zakhari, Ph.D.
Sridevi Balaraman, Ph.D.; Joseph D. Tingling; Pai-Chi Tsai; and Rajesh C. Miranda, Ph.D.
Marta Varela-Rey, Ph.D.; Ashwin Woodhoo, Ph.D.; Maria-Luz Martinez-Chantar, Ph.D.; José M. Mato, Ph.D.; and Shelly C. Lu, M.D.
Michelle Ungerer; Jaysen Knezovich, M.Sc.; and Michele Ramsay, Ph.D.
Shivendra D. Shukla, Ph.D., and Robert W. Lim, Ph.D.
Samuel W. French, M.D.
Igor Ponomarev, Ph.D.
Kylee J. Veazey; Daria Muller; and Michael C. Golding, Ph.D.
Robin M. Voigt, Ph.D.; Christopher B. Forsyth, Ph.D.; and Ali Keshavarzian, M.D.
Brenda J. Curtis, Ph.D.; Anita Zahs, Ph.D.; and Elizabeth J. Kovacs, Ph.D.
114  Glossary [PDF]

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