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News from NIAID-Supported Institutions

News from NIAID-Supported Institutions

News from NIAID-Supported Institutions

Here’s your periodic update on News from NIAID-Supported Institutions. The following links will take you to the institution’s press release:
Bavarian Nordic Receives European Marketing Authorization for IMVANEX Smallpox Vaccine 
August 7, 2013—Bavarian Nordic
Less Is More: Single Antibiotic as Effective, But Safer Than Combo Therapy to Treat Childhood Bloodstream Infection 
August 5, 2013—Johns Hopkins Children’s Center
Trial Finds More Support for Universal HIV Screening in Emergency Departments 
August 5, 2013—University of Cincinnati
Mechanism Offers Promising New Approach for Harnessing the Immune System to Fight Cancer 
August 4, 2013—St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
The Rise of Deadly Insect Sting Allergies: Is There a Cure? 
August 1, 2013—American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology
TechnoVax Awarded NIH Grant to Develop a Universal Flu Vaccine based on its Virus-Like-Particle (VLP) Technology 
August 1, 2013—TechnoVax, Inc.
Chief of Rheumatology George Tsokos, MD, Receives NIH MERIT Award 
July 31, 2013—Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Take Your Child’s Word for it on Asthma, Study Finds 
July 31, 2013—University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Einstein-Montefiore Researchers Secure $16 Million NIH Grant to Study HIV/AIDS in Women 
July 30, 2013—Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Study Unravels Genetics Behind Debilitating Inflammatory Disease Takayasu Arteritis  
July 29, 2013—University of Michigan
Researchers Identify Novel Mechanism that Helps Stomach Bug Cause Illness 
July 29, 2013—UT Southwestern Medical Center

Adenoviruses May Pose Risk for Monkey-to-Human Leap 
July 25, 2013—UC San Francisco
Carnegie Mellon Biophysicist Alex Evilevitch Obtains First Experimental Evidence of Internal Pressure Inside Herpes Virus 
July 24, 2013—Carnegie Mellon University

These news releases were issued by organizations supported by NIAID.

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