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Genetics and Behavioral & Social Sciences: Opportunities for Integration


Genetics and Behavioral & Social Sciences: Opportunities for Integration

quadruplets in a meeting with a DNA in the background
A special issue of the American Journal of Public HealthExternal Web Site Icon with a focus on intersection between genetics and behavioral and social research
Advancing scientific inquiry by blurring research boundariesExternal Web Site Icon
Kaplan RM, et al. AJPH 2013 Aug 8
Genes can point to environments that matter to advance public healthExternal Web Site Icon
Bearman PS AJPH 2013 Aug 8
Integration of behavioral, social science and genetics research: exploring public health significanceExternal Web Site Icon
Michael L. Spittel, et al. AJPH Aug 8
Rethinking our public health genetics research paradigmExternal Web Site Icon
Abdulrahman M et al.  AJPH  Aug 8  
Genetics in population health science: Strategies and opportunitiesExternal Web Site Icon
Daniel W. Belsky, et al. AJPH Aug 8
Social regulation of human gene expression: Mechanisms and implications for public healthExternal Web Site Icon
Steven W. Cole AJPH Aug 8
Conceptual shifts needed to understand the dynamic interactions of genes, environment, epigenetics, social processes, and behavioral choicesExternal Web Site Icon
Fatimah L. C. Jackson, et al. AJPH Aug 8
Deep integration: Letting the epigenome out of the bottle without losing sight of the structural origins of population healthExternal Web Site Icon
Arline T. Geronimus AJPH Aug 8
Genomics and the nature of behavioral and social riskExternal Web Site Icon
Matt McGue. AJPH Aug 8
The dialogue between social environments and the genomeExternal Web Site Icon
Moshe Szyf AJPH Aug 8
NIH-CDC paper: Health applications of genomics: Priorities for communication, behavioral & social sciencesExternal Web Site Icon
Mc Bride C, et al. Am J Prev Med. 2010 May;38(5):556-65.

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