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CDC - Winnable Battles - Targets- Tobacco

CDC - Winnable Battles - Targets- Tobacco

Winnable Battles: Tobacco

No Smoking SignOverarching Goal

Prevent the initiation of tobacco use, promote quitting, and ensure smoke–free environments

Key Actions

  • Track tobacco use and prevention policies

  • Reduce exposure to secondhand smoke

  • Offer help to quit tobacco use

  • Use effective media to warn about the dangers of tobacco

  • Reduce exposure to tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship

  • Make tobacco use less attractive and affordable


IndicatorBaseline2015 Target
Decrease the percentage of adults who smoke cigarettes20.6% (2008)16.3%
(21% reduction)
Decrease the percentage of youth who smoke cigarettes20% (2007)17.27%
(11% reduction)
Increase the proportion of the U.S. population covered by smoke-free laws38.2% (2008)78.1%
(104% increase)


Trends in percent of adults who smoke cigarettes, 2006-2011
Trends in percent of youth who smoke cigarettes, 2005-2011
Trends in proportion of U.S. population covered by comprehensive state and/or local laws making workplaces, restaurants and bars smoke-free, 2007-2012

Relevant Healthy People ObjectivesExternal Web Site Icon

TU 1.1Reduce cigarette smoking by adults
2020 Target: 12.0%
Baseline: 20.6%(2008)
TU 2.2Reduce cigarette smoking (past month) by adolescents
2020 Target: 16.0%
Baseline: 19.5%(2009)
TU 11.1Reduce the proportion of children aged 3 to 11 years exposed to secondhand smoke
2020 Target: 74.0%
Baseline: 82.2% (2005–08)
TU 11.2Reduce the proportion of adolescents aged 12 to 17 years exposed to secondhand smoke
2020 Target: 70.2%
Baseline: 78.0% (2005–08)
TU 11.3Reduce the proportion of adults aged 18 years and older exposed to secondhand smoke
2020 Target: 68.0%
Baseline: 75.5% (2005–08)
TU 13Establish laws in States, District of Columbia, Territories, and Tribes on smoke-free indoor air that prohibit smoking in public places and worksites
2020 Target: 50 states and DC (100% of the population)
Baseline: 25 states and DC (2010)

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