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Health Care Provider Resources | Genetic Conditions

Health Care Provider Resources 

Time Out for Genetics Webinar Series

The Genetics in Primary Care Institute has created a webinar series for primary care clinicians, pediatricians, pediatric sub-specialists, family physicians, nurse practitioners, genetic counselors, geneticists, and other stakeholders.
These Time Out for Genetics webinars last a half hour, occur once a month, and are recorded so that you can also watch at your convenience. The webinars:
  • provide stakeholders with information for better understanding of the relevance of genetic medicine to primary care
  • increase awareness and education regarding the provision of genetic medicine in primary care
  • improve health care providers’ understanding of their roles and the roles of others related to the provision of genetic medicine in primary care settings
You can register for upcoming webinars or listen to previously recorded webinars on the Genetics in Primary Care Institute webpage:

Genetic Services in Oregon

Genetics Privacy

Genetics and Genomics for Health Professionals
This website provides reliable, up-to-date genetics and genomics information related to patient management, curricular resources, new National Institutes of Health and NHGRI research activities, and ethical, legal and social issues.

Educational Materials

Information about Genetic Conditions
  • GeneReviews
    Database of detailed reviews on genetic diseases created through funding from the National Library of Medicine, NIH and National Human Genome Research Institute, NIH.
  • Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM)
    Database and catalog of human genes and genetic disorders.
  • Pharmacogenomics
    Contains news, background information, and education programs for pharmacists, including continuing education credits.  Materials were created by the School of Pharmacy at University of California, San Diego.
Practice Guidelines

Evidence Reports:

  • U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF)
    An independent panel of experts in primary care and prevention that systematically reviews the evidence of effectiveness and develops recommendations for clinical preventive services.

Cancer Genetics
Diabetes and Family History
  • Family History and Diabetes
    Powerpoint review for public health professionals, 2004.
  • Genetics for Targeted Disease Prevention: Diabetes
    Journal article abstract provides an overview of current thinking regarding genetics and diabetes (type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes mellitus), including a selective look at a few implicated variants, 2004.
  • State of Oregon Diabetes Program
    The State of Oregon Diabetes Program's goal is to reduce the burden of diabetes in Oregon through a public health approach, working in collaboration with aprtners in the public and private sectors.
Preconception/Prenatal Genetic Screening
Materials were created through funding from the March of Dimes Oregon Chapter in 2004-2005.

Collecting and Using Family History
See  Family Health History page for more resources.

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