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CDCObesity (cdcobesity) en Twitter

CDCObesity (cdcobesity) en Twitter

We Are Live On Twitter @CDCObesity!
Connect with us for daily information related to nutrition, physical activity, and obesity.
DNPAO announces our presence in the social media space. Our official Twitter feed, @CDCObesity, provides daily information that addresses the obesity epidemic. Follow us for information that can help shape where you live, learn, work, and play into healthier communities. Stay connected for:
  • New data and statistics
  • Weight of the Nation conference information
  • Twitter chats with key public health leaders
  • Information on nutrition, physical activity, breastfeeding, and obesity
  • Engaging conversations
  • Contests and more
Visit us at and follow us today!
We will be tweeting more frequently during the Weight of the Nation conference (#WON12), around the Weight of the Nation HBO documentary (HBO’s Twitter feed: @WeightOfTheNtn, hashtag: #weightofthenation), and during Twitter chats with Dr. Frieden (@DrFriedenCDC). Please re-tweet our posts during these events below to help CDC contribute to the obesity conversation.
  • May 7-9: Weight of the Nation conference
  • May 14-15: HBO documentary premieres on HBO TV
  • May 15: Dr. Frieden Twitter chat on obesity (@DrFriedenCDC)
Weight of the Nation™ 2012
Satellite Conferences and Live Webcasts

Public health professionals around the world will have the opportunity to participate in six sessions as they are broadcast live from this three-day conference in Washington, D.C.

More Information:
Overweight and Obesity
Obesity and Overweight: Topics - DNPAO - CDC

Weight of the Nation
CDC - Weight of the Nation - Home - DNPAO
Technical Information: To receive complete technical information you must register at

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