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CDC Features - National Women's Health Week 2012

CDC Features - National Women's Health Week 2012

National Women's Health Week 2012

The week-long celebration brings together communities, health agencies and organizations, business, government, and others across the country in an effort to promote women's health. The theme is "It's Your Time."
  • National Women's Health Week starts on Mother's Day, May 13.  Find out how you can help make Mother's Day healthier. Whether she's a new or a seasoned mom, there's something health-related you can do for and with her on this special day. 
  • National Women's Health Check-Up Day is Monday, May 14. On this day, women are encouraged to visit their health care provider and get recommended check-ups, screenings, and vaccinations. Find out how to better prepare for your check-up before your visit.
  • Every day is a day to make healthier choices. Take simple steps to lead a safer and healthier life.
  • Social media allows you an opportunity to raise awareness about health issues important to women. Add a button or badge to your site or page. Each badge or button focuses on staying healthy and the prevention of disease, illness, and disability.

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