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AHRQ Innovations Exchange | Pediatric Asthma Care

AHRQ Innovations Exchange | Pediatric Asthma Care

Pediatric Asthma Care Pediatric Asthma Care
Pediatric asthma affects nearly 6 million children in the United States, reducing quality of life and often leading to costly emergency department visits and inpatient admissions. Low-income, urban children experience higher asthma-related morbidity due to environmental factors and poor access to appropriate care. Managing pediatric asthma according to existing guidelines can help minimize the potential for negative outcomes.

The featured Innovations describe one program that provided services to urban preschool children in an effort to improve asthma-related outcomes, and two programs that improved pediatric asthma care by increasing adherence to well-established care guidelines.

The featured QualityTools provide parents and health care practitioners with resources to help manage pediatric asthma and improve quality of life.
Featured Innovations: Featured QualityTools:
 Child Asthma Risk Assessment Tool© (CARAT)
Developed by National Cooperative Inner-City Asthma Study
 Parents Helping Parents Fight Asthma
Developed by Aurora-Sinai Hospital; Children's Hospital of Wisconsin; Children's Medical Center Dallas; Medical College of Wisconsin; University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center; Wheaton Franciscan - St. Joseph
 Pediatric Asthma Initiative: Environmental History Form
Developed by National Environmental Education Foundation

Also in This Issue:
Innovations > QualityTools >
 AHRQ Quality Indicators™ Toolkit for Hospitals
Developed by RAND Corporation; University HealthSystem Consortium
 Always Events® Toolbox
Developed by Picker Institute, Inc.
 Playnormous Health Games
Developed by Baylor College of Medicine; National Institutes of Health; Playnormous, LLC; University of Texas Health Science Center

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