martes, 28 de mayo de 2024

The doctor would treat her sickle cell pain crisis — if she promised not to get an abortion Eric Boodman By Eric Boodman

A ‘deal with the devil’: A doctor would only treat a woman’s sickle cell pain if she didn’t have an abortion In Part 2 of STAT’s yearlong investigation into the systematic denial of reproductive autonomy for people with sickle cell disease, Eric Boodman highlights a troubling incident: A woman’s pain management specialist in Texas agreed to treat her only if she agreed not to have an abortion, despite her fears that pregnancy complications could kill her. “He told me that he would give me pain medicine while I was in the hospital if I decided to keep the baby,” she told Eric. Read that story here. Last week, Eric reported on another facet of the coercive care that has faced patients with sickle cell disease for decades: doctors pressuring them into unwanted sterilizations, framing them as potentially life-saving, without fully-informed consent about their potential irreversibility. How doctors are pressuring sickle cell patients into unwanted sterilizations Eric Boodman By Eric Boodman May 21, 2024

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