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Genomics|Features|Breast & Ovarian Cancer

Genomics|Features|Breast & Ovarian Cancer

Breast & Ovarian Cancer

Breast Cancer: Genomics in Prediction & Stratified Screening - October 30, 2014

hands holding a pink ribbon with DNA in background
The role of genome sequencing in personalized breast cancer prevention.External Web Site Icon
Weiva Sieh, et al. Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention, October 23, 2014

Breast & Ovarian Cancer Genetics: Clinical & Public Health Approaches - October 16, 2014

three generations of women
New CDC podcast: CDC Medscape Expert Commentary:Genetics and BRCA in Primary Care.External Web Site Icon Katherine Kolor, October 13, 2014
CDC BRCA assessment tool for women: The Know:BRCA Assessment can help you assess your risk of having a BRCA mutation. Learning your risk can help you and your doctor make important decisions for your health

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