lunes, 28 de julio de 2014

Reviews, News & Commentaries


Genomics & Health Impact Update

Reviews, News & Commentaries

stacked papers
Cancer-gene data sharing boosted External Web Site Icon 
Hayden EC Nature 2014 Jun;510(7504):198
Enhancing the understanding of asthma.External Web Site Icon 
Golnaz Vahedi et al. Nature Immunology, July 21, 2014
Looking beyond our DNA. Horizons in bioscience, Adobe PDF file [PDF10.63 MB]External Web Site Icon The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) (2014)
23andMe Tries to woo the FDA,External Web Site Icon by Robert D. Hof, MIT Technology News, Jul 21 
New York aims to be world leader in genomic medicine,External Web Site Icon by Phillipa Brice, PHG Foundation, Jul 21
Are we paying enough attention to bioinformatics?External Web Site Icon It is a science and not a support service by biomickwatson, opiniomics blog, Jul 20
Common genes implicated in autism study,External Web Site Icon by Robert Preidt, HealthDay, Jul 20
The $300,000 drug,External Web Site Icon by Joe Nocera, New York Times, July 18

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