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PMC.com : The Case for Personalized Medicine

PMC.com : The Case for Personalized Medicine

Personalized Medicine: Opportunities & Challenges

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The Case for Personalized Medicine - 4th Edition

The Case for Personalized MedicineSince the publication of the first edition of PMC's signature document, The Case for Personalized Medicine, the number of prominent examples of personalized medicine treatments and diagnostics has increased from 13 to 113. PMC is now pleased to release the fourth edition of this publication.
The updated report examines opportunities for the continued development and adoption of personalized medicine as the cost of genetic sequencing declines, the pharmaceutical industry increases its commitment to personalized treatment, and the public policy landscape evolves.
- See more at: http://www.personalizedmedicinecoalition.org/Resources/The_Case_for_Personalized_Medicine#sthash.PAjQw78c.dpuf

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