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Message from Petra Wilson, CEO, IDF

In some regions of the world, people with diabetes spend as few as five hours a year with a healthcare professional discussing how to manage and control their condition. The rest of the year they are left to manage and make decisions regarding their diabetes with little support. The health effects of any poor decisions can be dramatic. Mobile health or mHealth can help improve the way we provide healthcare and empower people with diabetes to take control of their condition.

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Five questions on mobile health

The positive impacts of mobile health or mHealth are starting to be noticed but there is still much to do before it becomes part of how we provide good healthcare. IDF talks with Brian O’Connor, Chair of the European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance), on the benefits of health becoming more mobile and the need for success stories to showcase mHealth projects.

Diabetes care in Rwanda: against all odds

At the start of April, the world marks one of the most appalling crimes of the 20th century, the Rwanda genocide. The genocide crushed health services, diabetes was overlooked and people with the disease struggled to survive. In 1997, the Rwanda Diabetes Association was created with the aim of improving the well being of all people with diabetes in Rwanda.

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Spotlight on Malaysia

This quarter, the Malaysian Diabetes Association, a Member Association of IDF, is in the spotlight. Set against the backdrop of increasing numbers of type 1 and type 2 diabetes and climbing medical costs, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Ikram Shah Ismail, chairman of the association, describes the challenges of living with diabetes in Malaysia and his organisation's response to the epidemic.

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Everyone’s talking about sugar

At the start of March, the WHO released a new guidance around sugar intake. We asked Dr Nita Forouhi from the Medical Research Council Epidemiology Unit at the University of Cambridge for her insight on the guidance, whether it comes too late and the impact it could have on diabetes prevalence.


An Olympic challenge

IDF’s Blue Circle Champion Kris Freeman has returned from his fourth Winter Olympics in Sochi. Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2000 at the age of 19, he was told that his career was over. However, a combination of personal strength, perseverance and the right tools for diabetes management helped Kris excel at one of the toughest endurance sports. IDF asked him about his Olympic experience.

IDF News

Universal Health Coverage is a human right

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IDF is calling for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) to be recognised as a primary human right. As a chronic condition, diabetes healthcare related services have to be maintained for a lifetime. In low- and middle-income countries – where 80% of the people with diabetes in 2013 live – those healthcare payments have severe financial consequences for people living on or close to the poverty line. Read more

South-South cooperation to improve diabetes care

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China, Zimbabwe and Ecuador will have an exclusive opportunity to replicate and adapt a successful diabetic foot care project originally developed in Alexandria, Egypt. This pioneering partner approach to diabetes care is a first of its kind South-South cooperation for the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). Read more

Cities challenged to be diabetes aware

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The world’s cities will soon have the opportunity to be officially designated “diabetes aware”.   They will be challenged to show that their public services and businesses encourage healthy lifestyles for people with diabetes and those at risk. Read more

Preventing diabetes complications during Ramadan

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In the run-up to Ramadan in June, the Managing Diabetes During Ramadan Conversation MapTM created by Healthy Interactions in collaboration with IDF and supported by Lilly Diabetes will aim to help people with diabetes experience a healthier Ramadan. More details

Programme builds future for young adults with diabetes in India

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Two years ago, with help from the IDF Life for a Child Programme,the DREAM Trust in Nagpur, India, began a small business start-up programme with several deserving young adults with type 1 diabetes who were keen to start a small business of their own and develop their income prospects. Read more

Spare a rose campaign. Stunning success!

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In 2012, six entrepreneurial advocates of the IDF Life for a Child  Programme from the Diabetes Online Community (DOC), with support from Johnson & Johnson, created the inspirational “Spare a Rose, Save a Child” campaign and raised US$3,000 for the Programme. This year the group, now called Partnering for Diabetes Change (P4DC), continued their great work for LFAC by running “Spare a Rose, Save a Child” for a second time. More details

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