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CDC - Vaccines for Adult Patients - For Your Healthcare Practice

CDC - Vaccines for Adult Patients - For Your Healthcare Practice

For Provider Practices

Many are unaware or misinformed about the need for vaccines beyond childhood. Your patients rely on you to advise them about important measures to protect their health—and your recommendation is the strongest predictor of whether they get vaccinated. Incorporating vaccines as part of your standard patient assessment can help reduce the number of missed opportunities for adult immunization.
Whether or not your practice offers vaccinations, ALL healthcare professionals should routinely assess patient vaccine needs and recommend the appropriate vaccines.
Vaccinations for adults for those 19 years and older.
Adult Immunization Schedules
Stay up-to-date with current adult vaccine recommendations and standards for adult immunization practice. Schedules categorized by age group and medical conditions. Important footnotes follow the schedules.
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Standards for Adult Immunization Practice
Learn how to make a strong recommendation for vaccination. Find updated Standards for Adult Immunization Practice, along with evidence-based strategies, resources, and tools to help you implement them.
Increasing Adult Vaccination Rates
Strategies for Increasing Adult Vaccination Rates
Identify and implement evidence-based strategies for improving your adult immunization practices. Increase adult vaccination rates with these strategies and tools that are low cost and easy to implement.
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Resources for Insurance and Payment
Learn about vaccine coverage provided by various types of insurance plans.
Travel Vaccine Recommendations
Consult this quick and easy tool to search the destination of your traveling patient and get a list of needed vaccines and medications. You can search by those traveling with children, chronic disease, cruise ship, immune compromised, pregnant, mission/disaster relief, and visiting friends or family.
Professional education
NFID Adult Immunization Resources
Find options for training and education with the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases. NFID offers a comprehensive collection of clinical education and professional development programs focused on the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, available in both live and online formats for all career levels and healthcare settings.

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