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CDC - Health Communication - Science Digest

CDC - Health Communication - Science Digest

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Health Communication Science Digest – November 2013

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Dear colleagues,
The November issue of Health Communication Science Digest (HCSD or Digest) is now available at http://intranet.cdc.gov/od/oc/hcse/hcsd.
This month in the Digest there are several papers reporting new strategies and approaches for public health communication messaging (Appel & Mara; Chung & Slater; Gollust et al.; McKay-Nesbitt et al.; Miller-Day & Hecht; O’Malley & Latimer-Cheung) while others examine audience segmentation and targeting (Gerend et al; Greene; Krieger et al). Aspects of both traditional (Kuiper et al; Nabi & Thomas; Tucker et al) and new media (Head et al; Knobloch-Westerwich et al; Little et al; Phua; Rutsaert et al) in public health communication are reported in several studies. Health literacy considerations are highlighted in several studies (Bailey et al; Lincoln et al; Mackert et al; Rodríguez et al; Wickline & Sellnow).
Please remember, when sharing the “Health Communication Science Digest” with colleagues working outside the CDC, point them to the HCSD internet version located on the Gateway for Health Communication and Marketing Practice http://www.cdc.gov/healthcommunication/ScienceDigest/index.html.
We hope that you find the Health Communication Science Digest useful and invite you to provide us with feedback for improvement. Please send us articles that you would like to share with others—articles you or your colleagues have published or found useful.
Please send your comments and questions to HCSD@cdc.gov.
We wish you much success in your public health work!
Doğan Eroğlu
Associate Director for Communication Science
Office of the Associate Director for Communication

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