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Distribution of KIR genes in Han population in Yunnan Province: comparison with other Han populations in China. [Detail]
International journal of immunogenetics 2013 Apr .
Shi L, Zhang H, Shen Y, Dong Y, Li Y, Dong Z, Guo C, Shi L, Yao Y, Yu J
Genetic Variants in TLR -2, -4 and -9 and FC?RII are Associated with Antibody Response to Quadrivalent Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine In HIV-Infected Youth. [Detail]
Clinical and vaccine immunology : CVI 2013 Apr .
Spector SA, Qin M, Lujan-Zilbermann J, Singh KK, Warshaw MG, Williams PL, Jean-Philippe P, Fenton T, Siberry GK
Immunoglobulin genes and the acquisition of HIV infection in a randomized trial of recombinant adenovirus HIV vaccine. [Detail]
Virology 2013 Apr .
Pandey JP, Namboodiri AM, Bu S, De Dieu Tapsoba J, Sato A, Dai JY
Associations between Polymorphisms in the Antiviral TRIM Genes and Measles Vaccine Immunity. [Detail]
Human immunology 2013 Feb .
Ovsyannikova IG, Haralambieva IH, Vierkant RA, O'Byrne MM, Poland GA
DBH gene as predictor of response in a cocaine vaccine clinical trial. [Detail]
Neuroscience letters 2013 Feb .
Kosten TR, Domingo CB, Hamon SC, Nielsen DA
Efficient identification of rare variants in large populations: deep re-sequencing the CRP locus in the CARDIA study. [Detail]
Nucleic acids research 2013 Feb .
Chen CT, McDavid AN, Kahsai OJ, Zebari AS, Carlson CS
IL4R and IL13 polymorphic variants and development of antibodies to surface antigen of hepatitis B virus in hemodialysis patients in response to HBV vaccination or infection. [Detail]
Vaccine 2013 Feb .
Grzegorzewska AE, Pajzderski D, Sowi?ska A, Mostowska A, Jagodzi?ski PP
Relationship between NRAMP1 gene polymorphism and efficacy of BCG vaccine in helminth-infected populations. [Detail]
Genetics and molecular research : GMR 2013 Jan 12 (AOP): AOP.
Badawy AA, Yahya RS, Awad SI, Al-Sawah GA, Kizilbash NA
Association of HLA class II genes with clinical hyporesponsiveness to trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine in children. [Detail]
Vaccine 2012 Dec .
Narwaney KJ, Glanz JM, Norris JM, Fingerlin TE, Hokanson JE, Rewers M, Hambidge SJ
Genomic correlates of variability in immune response to an oral cholera vaccine. [Detail]
European journal of human genetics : EJHG 2012 Dec .
Majumder PP, Sarkar-Roy N, Staats H, Ramamurthy T, Maiti S, Chowdhury G, Whisnant CC, Narayanasamy K, Wagener DK
High Resolution Human Leukocyte Antigen Class I Allele Frequencies and HIV-1 Infection Associations in Chinese Han and Uyghur Cohorts. [Detail]
PloS one 2012 7 (12): 12.
Liu Y, Zhao Z, Li T, Liao Q, Kushner N, Touzjian NY, Shao Y, Sun Y, Strong AJ, Lu Y
Impact of cytokine and cytokine receptor gene polymorphisms on cellular immunity after smallpox vaccination. [Detail]
Gene 2012 Nov 510 (1): 1.
Ovsyannikova IG, Haralambieva IH, Kennedy RB, Pankratz VS, Vierkant RA, Jacobson RM, Poland GA
Effects of UGT1A6, UGT2B7, and CYP2C9 Genotypes on Plasma Concentrations of Valproic Acid in Chinese Children with Epilepsy. [Detail]
Drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics 2012 27 (5): 5.
Guo Y, Hu C, He X, Qiu F, Zhao L
Polymorphisms in Fc gamma receptor (Fc?RIIIA-176 F/V) and Toll-like receptor (TLR9[-1237 T/C]) are associated with protection against severe malarial anemia and changes in circulating IFN-? [Detail]
Infection and immunity 2012 Oct .
Munde EO, Okeyo WA, Anyona SB, Raballah E, Konah S, Okumu W, Ogonda L, Vulule J, Ouma C
Association of Fc? receptor IIIa (Fc?RIIIa) genotype with the rate of HIV infection following gp120 vaccination. [Detail]
Blood 2012 Aug .
Forthal DN, Gabriel EE, Wang A, Landucci G, Phan TB
Polymorphisms in key innate immune genes and their effects on measles vaccine responses and vaccine failure in children from Mozambique. [Detail]
Vaccine 2012 Aug .
Clifford HD, Hayden CM, Khoo SK, Naniche D, Mandomando IM, Zhang G, Richmond P, Le Souëf PN
Association of polymorphisms of cytokine and TLR-2 genes with long-term immunity to hepatitis B in children vaccinated early in life. [Detail]
Vaccine 2012 Jul .
Wang Y, Xu P, Zhu D, Zhang S, Bi Y, Hu Y, Zhou YH
Association between tuberculosis and atopy: role of the CD14-159C/T polymorphism. [Detail]
Journal of investigational allergology & clinical immunology : official organ of the International Association of Asthmology (INTERASMA) and Sociedad Latinoamericana de Alergia e Inmunología 2012 22 (3): 3.
Baççio?lu Kavut A, Kalpaklio?lu F, Birben E, Ayaslio?lu E
Association of inflammatory chemokine gene CCL2I/D with bladder cancer risk in North Indian population. [Detail]
Molecular biology reports 2012 Jun .
Singh V, Srivastava P, Srivastava N, Kapoor R, Mittal RD
Association of polymorphisms in oxidative stress genes with clinical outcomes for bladder cancer treated with bacillus calmette-guérin. [Detail]
PloS one 2012 7 (6): 6.
Wei H, Kamat A, Chen M, Ke HL, Chang DW, Yin J, Grossman HB, Dinney CP, Wu X
IL23R Arg381Gln functional polymorphism associated with active pulmonary tuberculosis severity. [Detail]
Clinical and vaccine immunology : CVI 2012 Jun .
Ben-Selma W, Boukadida J
A genome-wide association study of host genetic determinants of the antibody response to Anthrax Vaccine Adsorbed. [Detail]
GWAS Integrator
Vaccine 2012 May .
Pajewski NM, Shrestha S, Quinn CP, Parker SD, Wiener H, Aissani B, McKinney BA, Poland GA, Edberg JC, Kimberly RP, Tang J, Kaslow RA
Genome-wide analysis of polymorphisms associated with cytokine responses in smallpox vaccine recipients. [Detail]
GWAS Integrator
Human genetics 2012 May .
Kennedy RB, Ovsyannikova IG, Shane Pankratz V, Haralambieva IH, Vierkant RA, Poland GA
Haemoglobin variants and Plasmodium falciparum malaria in children under five years of age living in a high and seasonal malaria transmission area of Burkina Faso. [Detail]
Malaria journal 2012 May 11 (1): 1.
Bougouma EC, Tiono AB, Ouédraogo A, Soulama I, Diarra A, Yaro JB, Ouédaogo E, Sanon S, Konaté AT, Nébié I, Watson N, Sanza M, Dube TJ, Sirima SB
Influence of HLA-DRB1 and HLA-DQB1 Alleles on IgG Antibody Response to the P. vivax MSP-1, MSP-3? and MSP-9 in Individuals from Brazilian Endemic Area. [Detail]
PloS one 2012 7 (5): 5.
Lima-Junior JC, Rodrigues-da-Silva RN, Banic DM, Jiang J, Singh B, Fabrício-Silva GM, Porto LC, Meyer EV, Moreno A, Rodrigues MM, Barnwell JW, Galinski MR, de Oliveira-Ferreira J

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