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Project Match Manuals are now Online!

Project Match Manuals are now Online!


Now Available Online!

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The Project Match manuals are a series of publications designed to disseminate methodology developed by the investigators of the multi-site clinical trial Project MATCH (1990–1997), an initiative funded by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA).
 The Institute developed these materials with the hope that they would fill a gap in the published literature and provide a resource for alcohol treatment researchers and clinicians. That prediction has proven to be accurate. Since the initial publication, the manuals have been reprinted many times and requested by users both in the United States and abroad.
Because of the continued interest in the Project MATCH series, NIAAA has repackaged all eight volumes and made them available online. It is NIAAA's hope that having this material available in electronic form will make the information even more useful and available to a wider audience.

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