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Careliving Guide - Caring for Yourself and a Stroke Survivor - National Stroke Association

Careliving Guide - Caring for Yourself and a Stroke Survivor - National Stroke Association

11/14/2012 01:03 PM EST

Source: National Stroke Association
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Caring for Yourself and a Stroke Survivor

A stroke in the family can cause many shifts, whether it is relationship dynamics, finances, home modifications or role changes. As a spouse, sibling, child, grandchild or friend, you may be charged with providing daily assistance and support, plus planning and facilitating your loved one’s care. Because stroke is sudden and unexpected there is often little or no time to prepare. Caregiving is a difficult job that takes a physical, mental and emotional toll.
Photo of caregiver   National Stroke Association developed the Careliving Guide to assist you and your family members throughout the caregiving process.
The guide will help you:
  • Prioritize tasks and develop a plan for the stroke survivor’s care.
  • Keep organized with resources, tools, templates and suggestions.
  • Adapt to changing roles and relationships after stroke.
  • Prevent recurrent stroke.

Careliving Guide

Use this chapter list to go directly to a chapter of interest, or download the full guide at the right.

Careliving Guide cover
Full printable version
Chapter 5: Creating Your Care Binder
Chapter 1:
Where to Begin

Chapter 6:
Managing Recovery

Chapter 2: Setting Up Your Care Team
Chapter 7:
Adjusting the Routine

Chapter 3:

Chapter 8: Preventing Recurrent Stroke
Chapter 4:
After the Hospital


Additional Resources for Caregivers

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—an online social network exclusively for caregivers and family members of stroke survivors.
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