jueves, 26 de octubre de 2023

Your patient with high Lp(a) may qualify for a clinical trial

https://www.amgentrials.com/study/?id=20180244 Study overview: Amgen Inc. is sponsoring a global, phase 3, double-blind cardiovascular outcomes study titled the OCEAN(a)-Outcomes Trial (The OCEAN(a) (Olpasiran Trials of Cardiovascular Events And LipoproteiN(a) Reduction – Outcomes Trial) to compare the effect of treatment with with investigational drug olpasiran to placebo, on the risk for coronary heart disease death (CHD death), myocardial infarction, or urgent coronary revascularization in participants with atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) and elevated lipoprotein(a). Participants will be randomly assigned to receive olpasiran or placebo administered by subcutaneous injection once every 12 weeks at the study site. The study drug will not replace any existing treatments that the patient may be receiving. The average follow-up duration will be around 4 years. The study is currently recruiting participants. Key study requirements: Adult patients receiving stable, optimized lipid-lowering therapy must have a history of myocardial infarction and/or percutaneous coronary intervention and an Lp(a) value of ≥ 200 nmol/L at screening by central laboratory.

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